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Making Raw Fun! Monthly Newsletter for Recipes and Great Ideas!
March 02, 2015

Welcome To Making Raw Fun!
Here's your short and easy to read ezine full of raw food fun! Compliments of Raw Food Weight Loss Guide!

What A Great Idea
Still plagued by unhealthy food cravings? Try tapping! Otherwise known as E.F.T. or Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping is a method of clearing the energy around an emotion, a pain, a thought or a habit so you can move past it! Here are the basic instructions: really tune into your issue, then tap on specific points on the head, torso and hands while talking to yourself about how it makes you feel. Repeat again until the feeling becomes less intense. Then do it again while talking to yourself about how much better you feel without the issue. Tap as long as you need to, or for multiple sessions, until you feel the issue has been significantly reduced or resolved. The points you tap on can easily be found on numerous different websites about Tapping or E.F.T.

Fun In The Kitchen
Do you know about chakras? They are considered your energy centers, swirling wheels located along your spine and up to the top of your head that bring life force energy into your energy system. Each chakra is considered to be dominant in a particular color, according to those sensitive enough to see them. Seven main chakras have the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark indigo blue and purple. Here’s what’s fun: eat to nourish all your chakras! Make a big fruit salad composed of sliced strawberries or raspberries, oranges or peaches, the juice of a lemon, chopped granny smith apples, blueberries, dark purple grapes and sliced plums. For an alternative, put them all in the blender and make a smoothie. Use some frozen fruit to make it thick and frosty.

This Recipe Rawks
This weekend, we had a small family reunion, and bless her sweet heart, my mother-in-law made the most delicious, moist, fudgy, raw chocolate cake to appease those of us who are raw foodists, those who are gluten free, and those who just love chocolate! We all loved every bite! Here’s how to make everyone happy after a great meal:

3 cups walnuts and/or pecans
3 cups dates and/or raisins
1/3 cup raw cocoa powder
2 teaspoons Organic No-Alcohol Real Vanilla Extract
½ cup unsweetened coconut shreds
2 peeled and sliced kiwis, strawberries or raspberries

Soak nuts 4 hours, then drain and rinse. Process nuts well until they are in the smallest particles possible. Add dates or raisins, cocoa and vanilla and process well again until consolidated into dough. Press dough into a dish or pie plate, a springform mold or shape by hand into desired cake shape on a plate. Sprinkle coconut all over the top and decorate with layers of fruit slices. Chill in refrigerator an hour or so to firm up. Yum!

Didja Know?
Coconut oil is so versatile! Of course you can make amazing recipes with it, from desserts to salad dressings, but it has so many other uses! It makes a great skin moisturizer and is effective as a sunscreen. Health conscious massage therapists prefer it as a massage oil. It also makes a soothing lip balm or gloss. You could also use it as a nourishing hot oil treatment for hair - just shampoo well afterwards. Those who practice oil pulling, which is swishing small amounts of oil around the mouth for a few minutes before spitting it out, claim it is healthy for the gums and has a whitening effect on teeth over time when used consistently. Coconut oil is not only non-toxic, but has antibiotic properties which make it a super healing alternative!

Ask Angela
What would YOU like to know about the raw food diet for weight loss? Check the Frequently Asked Questions page at faq.html to see if I may have already answered it. If not, feel free to submit your own question on that page, and I may feature it on my website with my answer!

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