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Making Raw Fun! Monthly Newsletter for Recipes and Great Ideas!
June 01, 2015

Welcome To Making Raw Fun!
Here's your short and easy to read ezine full of raw food fun! Compliments of Raw Food Weight Loss Guide!

What A Great Idea
Want to consume less sugar? Substitute the natural sugars in whole raw fruit in recipes that call for concentrated sweeteners such as sugar, honey or maple syrup. Try using a fresh apple or banana instead, depending on the flavor of your food. Other options are to add raisins or dates or dried apricots. It is best to limit sweets as much as possible, but when you do want to sweeten something, at least go for a sweetener that comes with some fiber, along with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes. Another great natural sweetener, of course, is the sweet leaf of the Stevia plant.

Fun In The Kitchen
Is it time to spring clean your kitchen? How good would it feel to take everything out of your refrigerator, clean it all up with soap and water and start fresh. Throw away those old jars of condiments that you don’t use because they are THAT old. Get rid of food that you KNOW is not supporting your health. And even rethink how you want to arrange your healthier food. Do you want a bin just for fruit and a bin just for veggies? Do you want a shelf dedicated to cut up ready to go food you can grab when you want a healthy snack NOW? How about another shelf dedicated to your pre-made lunch for tomorrow or for containers of leftovers for dinner? When your food is healthy and your fridge is clean and organized, it is easier to eat clean, too.

This Recipe Rawks
Here comes Melon Season! This month I thought I would share with you a number of ideas to make melons fun.

Cut up watermelons into popsicle shapes, put a stick in them and freeze them. Or blend peeled watermelon to make a smoothie and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Blend peeled, deseeded cantaloupe with pure cacao to make a healthy sweet chocolate drink. Or cut in half, remove seeds, grab a spoon and eat it right out of its own natural bowl.

Blend into a smoothie with fresh greens like romaine to get extra veggies into your day. Or freeze melon balls and then put in the food processor to make a sweet sorbet.

Didja Know?
Another reason to choose raw food over cooked food: Your body reacts to the denatured quality of cooked food as a foreign body and creates an immune response as if you have been poisoned. This is called Leukocytosis, which is an increase in white blood cells. This not only puts a strain on your immune system, but takes energy away from you, leaving you feeling drained. This response can be decreased by making sure at least half your meal is composed of fresh raw foods.

Ask Angela
What would YOU like to know about the raw food diet for weight loss? Check the Frequently Asked Questions page at to see if I may have already answered it. If not, feel free to submit your own question on that page, and I may feature it on my website with my answer!

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