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Raw Recipes and Great Ideas - Making Raw Fun Newsletter
November 01, 2016

Welcome To Making Raw Fun!
Here's your short and easy to read ezine full of raw food fun! Compliments of Raw Food Weight Loss Guide!

What A Great Idea
We are often on the go and are always carrying our drinks around with us. First because we always want to stay well hydrated, and second because we only want to drink healthy beverages we make ourselves. We take our drinks to work, on errands, out on dates, over to friends’ houses and literally everywhere we go. So what do we put our to-go drinks in? Glass mason jars! We love them! It keeps us from having to drink out of plastic bottles, they have spill-proof lids, they are well-constructed and withstand years of daily use, and because they are glass, we can even add essential oils to our water. Plus, they get us to drink many quarts of water a day. For us, they are a perfect solution!

Fun In The Kitchen
With the Christmas season just around the corner – and all the great sales that implies – now might be a good time to take stock of your kitchen gadgets and appliances and see what you may need, or what you may want to update. For example, we put up with our old food processor until the discs would barely even spin anymore. We thought it was just fine, but when we finally replaced it with a new one, we were stunned at the difference in the way it ran. Like night and day! We wished we would have replaced it a lot earlier. Now it’s a joy to make food in our processor, rather than a struggle. So are you ready to let go of the old and welcome in the new?

This Recipe Rawks
I’m all about showing the world that the Raw Food Diet can be Yummy! So many great raw recipes out there, so much delicious food to eat and beverages to drink, nobody ever has to feel deprived on raw food. Because you’ve got to be both healthy AND happy! Here’s a super yummy drink to celebrate your happiness! With a little surprise ingredient snuck in for your health, too.


1 cup diced fresh pineapple

1 cup coconut water

2 Tablespoons shredded coconut

1 Tablespoon honey, or to desired sweetness

1 t turmeric powder

Dash of black pepper to activate the turmeric

Squeeze of lemon or lime

For extra nutrition, add some goji berries, or some fresh pomegranate seeds if you have some. The juice of an orange would be a delicious addition, too. Just blend, pour, share with someone you love and enjoy!

Didja Know?
Didja know that some plastics are not exactly solid and can easily leach into your food? The thinner the plastic, like plastic wrap, the freer those nasty petrochemical molecules are to be transferred into your food. Especially when heated in the microwave! But luckily for raw foodists, that is usually not a problem for us! But what we do need to be aware of is storing our fresh healthy food in plastic containers or bags. Even in the refrigerator or freezer, those molecules are slowly moving into your food. So do your health a favor and purchase a good set of glass storage containers. The plastic lids these containers usually have are not ideal, but since that plastic is not in direct contact with your food, it is not so bad. At least the glass containers would be a great improvement.

Ask Angela
What would YOU like to know about the raw food diet for weight loss? Check the Frequently Asked Questions page at to see if I may have already answered it. If not, feel free to submit your own question on that page, and I may feature it on my website with my answer!

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