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Raw Recipes and Great Ideas - Making Raw Fun Newsletter
January 01, 2017

Welcome To Making Raw Fun!
Here's your short and easy to read ezine full of raw food fun! Compliments of Raw Food Weight Loss Guide!

What A Great Idea
It’s Citrus Season!! You know how you create “smiles” out of unpeeled oranges – cutting them in quarters or in sixths and then eating them by hand? You can do the same thing with grapefruits! I grew up cutting my grapefruits in half and then cutting out the individual sections to eat with a spoon. So labor intensive! Plus, you waste a lot of the fruit and juice that way. Cutting grapefruits like you do orange slices takes a lot less time, and you get the added benefit of eating all the grapefruit, leaving only the peel behind.

Fun In The Kitchen
If you haven’t had a new kitchen gadget in a while, use the New Year as a great excuse to get a new gadget! It will add an extra dose of fun into your food prep this year. We just let go of our 14 year old food processor that was on its last legs, and got a new one! Wow, what a difference! Now it’s so much fun to chop up a whole bunch of carrots in a few seconds or zip through some quick celery slices. Maybe it’s time for a new blender. Why not let go of your old fashioned kind and get a high speed version, like a Blendtec, or perhaps a NutriBullet or Ninja? Then you can experiment with all kinds of smoothies and sauces and salad dressings. Or to keep it simple, just replace your old carrot peeler, citrus zester or garlic press with a better one!

This Recipe Rawks
It’s always good to eat produce in season, and since the stores are teeming with oranges and grapefruits now, it’s a great time to take advantage of their sweet goodness. Why not make a great big spinach salad with grapefruit sections and walnuts and drizzle a sweet delicious Grapefruit Salad Dressing over it? Fresh, clean, light and delicious!


1 grapefruit, fresh-squeezed juice

½ a lemon, fresh-squeezed juice

¼ cup hemp or olive oil

Sea salt and pepper to taste

Juice the grapefruit and lemon with a citrus juicer. Then mix all the ingredients together and stir until well-blended. Drizzle over salad! Makes enough for multiple salads.

Didja Know?
Didja know that hemp oil is really healthy for you? It is made from the seeds of the non-psychoactive hemp plant, and has been cultivated around the world for thousands of years. This is one of the healthiest oils you can consume, with the ideal 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3. In fact, unlike flax seed oil, it contains Super Omega-6 and Super Omega-3 which assists in fat metabolism. It has a slightly nutty flavor and goes well with salads and other raw food vegetable dishes.

Ask Angela
What would YOU like to know about the raw food diet for weight loss? Check the Frequently Asked Questions page at to see if I may have already answered it. If not, feel free to submit your own question on that page, and I may feature it on my website with my answer!

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