Clearly Visualizing Your New Slender Body Will Set Up The Perfect Example For Your Mind To Follow For Achieving It

Slender Woman

Imagine yourself having already accomplished your goal. This kind of envisioning can be more powerful than you could ever believe, especially if you engage all your senses into it! Close your eyes and visualize yourself with  your new slender body. Feel this new body. Hear the nice comments people will make to you. Smell and taste the healthy foods you eat when you are slender.  I highly recommend coming back to this often.

In fact, if you spend a few minutes every day playfully fantasizing about your new slender self, you will actually be “programming” your brain to help make it a reality! This is especially powerful when done right before you go to bed at night, as your brain will work on those slender thoughts all night long while you sleep!

  • How much do you weigh now that you are slender?
  • What size clothes do you wear now? What do they look like?
  • How do you feel (physically and emotionally) in these new clothes?
  • What does your new slender body feel and look like?
  • What kind of nice comments do you hear people say about your new slender shape?
  • Has your self-esteem and self-confidence risen?
  • How has your life changed because of your successful weight loss?
  • What can you do now that you couldn't do before?
  • Can you picture yourself dancing or riding a bike or climbing a mountain in your beautiful, strong, flexible new body?
  • Are you proud of yourself for making a commitment and sticking to it until you accomplished your goal?
  • How important is it for you to now stay at this slender weight?
  • Are you committed to maintaining your new healthy habits to maintain your new healthy body?

Another Exercise To Turbocharge Your Brain's Programming

Vision Board

If you want to further ramp up that “programming,” for faster manifestation, have fun putting together a “Vision Board” with cut out words and pictures representing the soon to be Slender New You! Get a big (24” x 36”) piece of poster board or cardboard and glue or tape on images of slender people and positive sayings you cut out of magazines and newspapers. You can even type up and print out your own sayings – especially with your name in them!

Be extremely careful what you put on your board, however. This exercise is so powerful, you may find whatever you wish for actually coming true! Hint: pay attention to all the details!

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