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Raw food and exercise make the perfect combination for successful weight loss.

Eating raw food is fabulous for both cleansing and deeply nourishing the body, improving the health of every bodily organ, tissue and system. The healthier your body, the better your organs can do their jobs, and that includes burning fat and releasing toxins and weight!

Then, when you add in exercise, which your body needs just as much as it needs nourishment, you can reach incredible levels of optimum health and peak performance!


The Benefits of Exercise

The reasons to add exercise into your raw food diet plan go far beyond just using up calories to lose weight. The body is designed to move, and it loves to move. In fact, it needs to move to be optimally healthy. Why? Certain systems of the body actually require physical movement to make them work.


One in particular is your immune system, otherwise called the lymphatic system. This system includes a network of vessels throughout the body, similar to your blood vessels, that carry lymphatic fluids. Only these vessels don’t have a heart to pump the fluid through them. So they rely upon the movement of the body during exercise to circulate the lymph fluids and open and close the valves in the vessels. The movement of this lymphatic fluid is vitally important as it transports your immune system cells to where they are needed, and transports waste and dead cells away to be eliminated. Some of the best exercises for moving lymph are rebounding on a mini trampoline and walking.

Another fabulous benefit to exercise is increasing the oxygenation of your entire body. Exercise that really gets you breathing also works and cleanses your lungs and increases your ability to exchange out old gasses from the body (another method of detoxification) while increasing oxygen going into the body. The more fresh oxygen you can breathe in, the healthier your body will be all over. In fact, some studies have indicated that diseases such as cancer can’t live in a highly oxygenated body, so find a way to increase your oxygen intake every day. It’s even good for your brain, and you will find your thinking is clearer as a result.

Water with Lime

An extra bonus to exercise is detoxification through sweating. Your body uses sweat as a method of eliminating toxins from all over your body. So go ahead, work up a good sweat! Just make sure you hydrate well before, during and after you exercise to replace the fluids you are excreting. And take a shower immediately after exercising to wash the sweat and toxins off your body.

Exercise that uses and builds muscle is also helpful for increasing weight loss. Because increasing your muscle mass also increases your metabolism, which means you can burn off fat at a higher rate all the time, even when you are not exercising. So include a little weight training, or even exercises that make you use or lift or balance your body’s own weight, such as certain yoga postures.

Do You Need to Adjust Your Diet if You Eat Raw Food and Exercise?


Yes, you might, just by eating a little more of the right nutrients. Luckily, a raw food diet full of fruits and vegetables also provides the body with the ideal fuel it needs for exercise: complex carbohydrates. And because you are eating the whole food, you are consuming the plant fiber, too, which will keep your blood sugar levels more balanced than some sugary, insulin-spiking candy bar or starchy carb. Just make sure you are eating enough of these foods to supply the extra calories you will need to support your activity level. Don’t go hungry.

Because you are using, tearing down and rebuilding muscle when you exercise, you also want to nourish your body with plenty of healthy bio-available sources of protein. And it just so happens that plant-based raw food provides some of the best protein you can put into your body. Not fat-laden, artery clogging, blood-cell-lumping denatured cooked animal proteins that are very difficult to digest. But healthy, clean, plant-based protein that your body can easily assimilate and use right away to repair your tissues. Some of the best sources of protein include dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale, lentils, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Power Meal

So if you are going to eat raw food and exercise, choose to have a great big salad with sprouted lentils and peas on top. Or stuff a bunch of greens into a big green smoothie. Or have a raw power bar made from nuts and dried fruit. If you feel you need extra protein, you can even add a good plant-based raw protein powder to your smoothies, such as my personal favorite, non-dairy, non-soy, vegan Power Meal.

Also, because you are sweating, you are excreting a certain amount of the water in your body. So make sure you rehydrate plentifully and appropriately. That means water or herb teas or green smoothies, not sugary food-coloring laden sports drinks full of body-damaging chemicals.

Can You Eat Raw Food and Exercise as Strenuously as an Athlete or Body Builder?

Yes! In fact, those who are raw food athletes claim that they are able to reach higher levels of peak performance in their chosen sport with their clean and efficient bodies than other athletes that clog their bodies up with difficult to digest animal proteins and throw their blood sugar levels out of whack with sugary carbo loading. These raw food athletes have found that an optimally healthy body can perform better at any sport, as well as repair and regenerate itself more quickly after exertion.

Raw food and exercise even works for body builders that sculpt beautiful, big strong muscles on a body fueled exclusively by raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds! If you eat right, you have all the vitamins and minerals and other nutrients needed to build an amazing and gorgeous body! Raw food and exercise is good for you!

Raw Power! The Power of Raw Foods, Superfoods, and Building Strength and Muscle Naturally (4th Edition, 2011)

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