The raw food benefits people experience after switching to a raw food diet are numerable and often quite varied. Everyone's body is different, and people will take to the raw food diet in different ways and have different experiences. However, having eaten a typical Western diet for most of my life and then switching to a raw food diet, I can attest that even I have experienced many of these benefits first-hand.

When I first began following the raw food diet, I was surprised at how quickly I started noticing changes. It seems like it wasn't that long before I realized my body was really responding to this new way of eating. Of course, I was thrilled at the weight loss I was experiencing, but I was even more amazed when I discovered that aches, pains and physical problems I used to have just weren't a part of my life anymore. 

The way I feel in my body now, compared to how I used to feel, is as different as night and day. Every day I am so grateful that I discovered the raw food diet and made it a part of my life. You can read more about my personal story on my raw food diet testimonials page.

Furthermore, I have spoken to hundreds of other raw foodists over the years who have experienced similar raw food benefits, and even more. I have listened with tears running down my face as raw foodists have shared their heartfelt stories of tremendously painful or difficult health challenges they had and how they overcame them through the raw food diet.

Also, most authors of raw food books share their own personal health transformation stories as well as the testimonials of others who experience amazing raw food benefits. One thing is for certain, the
raw food diet literally has the power not only to change lives, but to save them!

Raw Food Benefits I have Personally Experienced

  • extremely effective weight loss at a steady, yet healthy rate
  • coming to balance with my body's natural ideal weight
  • no longer feeling as ravenously hungry as a lion
  • instead, hunger feels as gentle and quiet as a whisper, if felt at all
  • no longer having massive mind-controlling cravings for certain foods
  • no longer foolishly wasting time and money fulfilling those cravings
  • no longer having an out of control relationship with food
  • no longer feeling like overeating
  • no longer breaking out after eating those greasy, cheesy foods
  • in fact, having super clear, smooth skin that doesn't need makeup
  • being told often that I have a radiant glow about me
  • smiling when people guess my age 20 years younger than I am
  • actually feeling a good 20 years younger than I am
  • softer skin, no more dry cracked heels
  • no more itchy skin or scalp
  • shinier, healthier, softer hair
  • reduced cellulite, no sagging or loose skin from weight loss
  • strong, fast growing, healthy, clear nails
  • healthier gums
  • sparkling bright eyes
  • having eagle eyes that seem to notice everything
  • having an amazingly improved sense of smell
  • being able to detect even subtle nuances in the tastes of foods
  • even to the point of knowing just which spices need to be added
  • no longer needing thyroid medication
  • in fact, not needing any medications whatsoever
  • having a naturally faster metabolism
  • improved immune system, never getting sick
  • agonizing heel pain is completely gone
  • excruciating lower back pain is history
  • no more edema (swelling of the feet and ankles)
  • easier menstruation, no cramps, tenderness or mood fluctuations
  • no body odor
  • better digestion and elimination
  • absolutely no more heartburn, ever
  • feeling deeply nourished
  • sleeping better
  • discovering I don't need as much sleep as I used to
  • waking up more refreshed
  • having the energy to take a brisk walk every morning
  • developing increased muscular strength, stamina and flexibility
  • no more dizziness upon rising quickly
  • no longer wanting to fall asleep at 3:00 in the afternoon
  • instead, having vibrant energy to get through the entire day
  • feeling like even my mind is more awake, I can think more clearly
  • realizing I am able to concentrate longer and focus better
  • having an amazing new flow of creativity
  • having a more positive attitude, more open-minded
  • being in an almost constant good mood
  • which makes my husband much happier, too
  • finding it easier to laugh, and laughing more often
  • being a better friend who is much more fun to be around
  • breaking into song, spontaneously dancing around in the kitchen
  • increased intuition
  • deeper meditation
  • more peaceful, spiritual feelings, more awakened consciousness
  • increased compassion for all beings
  • a feeling of lightness of being

Other Raw Food Benefits People Have Experienced

  • easier childbirth
  • complete reversal of fibromyalgia symptoms
  • high blood pressure lowering to normal
  • cholesterol levels coming down to normal
  • blood sugar levels stabilizing
  • orthopedic surgeries no longer needed
  • depression lifting
  • complete disappearance of all symptoms of Diabetes
  • 100% remission of cancer
  • headaches and even migraines gone
  • asthma cleared up
  • menopause symptoms greatly eased
  • chronic fatigue lifted
  • head fogginess lifted
  • improved memory
  • candida and chronic yeast infections history
  • faster recovery from exercise
  • improved athletic performance
  • diverticulitis healed
  • no longer needing coffee to wake up
  • ulcers healed
  • excruciating pains gone
  • psoriasis cleared up
  • chronic constipation cleared up
  • acne cleared up
  • allergies gone
  • thicker hair
  • hair turning back to natural color
  • feeling like you are buzzing with energy
  • yet also feeling a sense of calm emotional steadiness
  • having vitality into one's later years
  • retaining a healthy sex life
  • ability to withstand temperature extremes
  • traveling without jetlag experience
  • sharpening of physical senses
  • sharpening of psychic abilities
  • enhanced mental health
  • naturally dropping physical addictions
  • healing of skin, wrinkles, age spots, puffiness, bags under eyes
  • rosier complexion and diminished pore size
  • easier ability to cope with stress
  • feeling more grounded
  • increased sense of confidence
  • finding a greater sense of happiness from within

How Can So Many Raw Food Benefits Be Possible?

Do some of these raw food benefits sound a little far-fetched? Do you wonder if I'm maybe exaggerating a little?

I'm not.

These are all real raw food benefits that I and other raw foodists have experienced first-hand due to the incredible
healing power of living a raw, whole foods lifestyle. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. So many people have experienced amazing transformations in their health that it would take pages and pages to list all of the raw food benefits they've mentioned.

How can such unbelievable raw food benefits be possible? Well, for one thing, when eating a raw food diet, you're likely no longer eating the foods that may actually cause a lot of your health problems. Many people unknowingly have an allergy to wheat, for example. When they stop eating wheat products, symptoms such as headaches, watery and itchy eyes, lethargy, depression, diarrhea, arthritis, psoriasis, eczema and even irritable bowel syndrome clear up.

Other raw food benefits may come about by
ridding the diet of aspartame, monosodium glutamate or other chemical additives found in processed foods. The difference one feels after simply removing dairy products is often profound!

Not only can these raw food benefits come about by what you eliminate from your diet, but from what you addto your diet, as well. Deeply nourishing the body with lots of vitamin, mineral and antioxidant rich raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds can be amazingly healing. When the body gets all the elements it needs from the diet, organs improve, which effects other organs and glands until, like a domino effect, everything functions better.

Don't get me wrong. The raw food diet is not some magic cure-all pill. Pills usually just mask symptoms, anyway, while ignoring the causes beneath them. Nourishing the body, on the other hand, works on much deeper levels, empowering the body to get down to the root causes of physical issues and heal itself.

That's why so many people experience such profound raw food benefits – it's not the raw food doing the work, it's
 the healing power of their own bodies being revved up by the powerful fuels being provided in the diet.

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