A Nutritionally Balanced Sample Menu Specifically Designed for Successful and Healthy Weight Loss

What is a day in the life of a raw foodist like? What is on their raw food diet menu? What do they eat? What do they drink? What do they make for dinner? How do they put it all together into a nutritionally sound diet? These are some of the major questions I had when I was first starting a raw food diet and eating more raw foods.

Using one recipe from each category of the easy raw food recipes provided on this site, I have created a sample raw food diet menu that is not only nutritionally balanced, but designed specifically for healthy weight loss. And yet, as you can see, there's plenty of food to eat!

This is not a starvation diet by any means. In fact, I bet many people will be hard pressed to actually eat this much food! But one of my main goals is to make sure you don't get hungry on the raw food diet. That not only doesn't feel good, but it can sabotage your weight loss efforts. So eat up, lose weight, and enjoy your delicious raw food!

When you're ready to do this yourself, I've also provided 10 detailed tips on how to create your own raw food diet meal plans for healthy raw food weight loss.


      tummy filling Cream of Buckwheat cereal
      with sprouted buckwheat groats
      and ground flax seed sprinkled on top

Morning Snack

      one Apple with Honey-Tahini Dip on the side


      bountiful Garden Delight Salad 
      with kale and dandelion greens
      and sprouted lentils
      with a tasty lemon-cheese-garlic dressing

Afternoon Snack or Dessert

      with raisins
      sunflower seeds
      and unsweetened dried coconut


      “Steak” with Marinated Vegetables 
      with portabello mushrooms
      sweet yellow onion
      red pepper
      and a tasty vinaigrette marinade (without olive oil)

This Raw Food Diet Menu Provides

     Total Calories: 1,610

     Carbohydrates: 66% (286.9 grams)
     Protein: 13% (64.1 grams)
     Fats: 21% (40.8 grams)
     Omega 3 fatty acids: 100% (1.6 grams)
     Cholesterol: 0% (0 grams)
     Dietary Fiber: 200% (51.5 grams)

     Vitamin A: 420%
     Vitamin B1 (Thiamin): 1,126%
     Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): 1,023%
     Vitamin B3 (Niacin): 533%
     Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid): 119%
     Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine): 962%
     Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin): 333%
     Vitamin C: 824%
     Vitamin E: 124%
     Calcium: 82%
     Magnesium: 193%
     Phosphorus: 200%
     Potassium: 102%
     Sodium: 100%
     Iron: 122%
     Copper: 378%
     Manganese: 367%
     Selenium: 122%
     Zinc: 182%

Note: the preceding raw food diet menu provides around 1600 calories. This is an ideal weight loss calorie intake for a moderately active 175 pound woman of average height. For heavier women or for men, consider adding the smoothie listed at the end. This bumps up the calorie intake to around 2100 calories. To determine your ideal calorie intake for weight loss according to your gender, age, height, current weight and activity level, use a good online calorie calculator .

Following is a rough weight loss calorie intake guideline for a 40 year old 5'-10” male who exercises 3 times a week, and a 40 year old 5'-6” woman who exercises 3 times a week:

125-150 pounds: 1,633-1,758 calories (men), 1,380-1,505 (women)
150-175 pounds: 1,758-1,883 calories (men), 1,505-1,755 (women)
175-200 pounds: 1,883-2,008 calories (men), 1,630-1,755 (women)
200-225 pounds: 2,008-2,133 calories (men), 1,755-1,880 (women)
225-250 pounds: 2,133-2,258 calories (men), 1,880-2,005 (women)
250-300 pounds: 2,258-2,508 calories (men), 2,005-2,400 (women)
300-350 pounds: 2,508-2,800 calories (men), 2,400-2,800 (women)
350-400 pounds: 2,800-3,200 calories (men), 2,800-3,200 (women)

Additional Smoothie

      Strawberry Nut-Milk Shake 
     with fresh or frozen strawberries
     almond nut-milk
     and honey

This smoothie brings the daily totals of the raw food diet menu to:

     Total Calories: 2,126

     Carbohydrates: 58% (329.6 grams)
     Protein: 12% (80.1 grams)
     Fats: 30% (76.7 grams)
     Omega 3 fatty acids: 100% (1.6 grams)
     Cholesterol: 0% (0 grams)
     Dietary Fiber: 64.5 grams
     Calcium: 103%

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What can you do if you have a cooked food craving? Well, if you've made a commitment to improve your health, remind yourself to stick to it! Call a raw food buddy to support you! Also, have a glass of water with peppermint essential oil in it, a natural appetite suppressant. Or have an apple and tahini snack. Or make one of your favorite raw food recipes and treat yourself to that. Or distract yourself with another activity until you forget about your craving. Just stay on track, and you will be much happier in the long run! 

Apple Snack


Do you consider yourself a visual learner? I am. So when I watch raw food DVDs, especially those where they show how to make raw food recipes, I learn so much! I also love hearing and seeing my favorite raw food experts explaining the benefits and how-to's of the raw food diet. I feel like they are right in my living room talking with me in person!