My Before And After Story: How I Lost Over 100 Pounds With The Raw Food Weight Loss Diet!

Writing raw food diet testimonials can be just a little nerve-wracking. It's quite a vulnerable position to be in - putting my private thoughts and personal journey out there for the world to see. But in a way, it is also refreshing to work through this and see how far I've come. And if my before and after story is inspiring or helpful in any way to someone else, it will be worth it! So here goes...

Angela Before

It's funny, you never notice you're gaining weight on a day to day basis. You don't eat your favorite cheeseburger and look in the mirror the next day and say, “Gosh, I'm 5 pounds fatter today.” So it seems no real damage was done. But it becomes a habit, this denial, and then you wonder how you gained 50 pounds! You swear you'll never weigh more than this – you're going to change your ways. But you're just so hungry. Voracious. Then you turn around and you've gained another 20 pounds! You need bigger clothes, and it no longer matters if they're fashionable, you buy them strictly for their fat hiding ability. Except it's summer and everyone else is wearing at least 3 yards of fabric less than you are! At this point, you just want to be invisible. “Please don't notice what has become of me. I'm still the same loveable me I've always been. But all you see is this big body and you're probably judging me because of it.”

Angela Before

But the real tough stuff comes when you realize your body is breaking down. You're puffy all over, your feet, knees and back hurt, and you're glad nobody sees you crying when you clean house. And forget trying to get up from a seated position on the floor – that requires some fancy yoga moves to maneuver. Only from everyone else's perspective, it looks nothing like yoga. I'm telling you, that cheeseburger may have been fun in the moment, but living in a big body full of pain is by no means fun anymore. You just want to unzip that body and step out of the pain and embarrassment and start over in a slender-sized body again.

Angela Before

But the idea of months of dieting and exercising and all the work it's going to take to lose the weight – it's beyond overwhelming! Until one day you say: “Enough! I have to lose weight, I can't live like this one more day! I don't care what it takes, I'm going to make a commitment and stick with it until I've reached my goal!” 

That was the beginning of my raw food diet transition, as embarrassing as it is to admit in these testimonials. There I was at 265 pounds. Unbelievable. How could something so little that felt so good in the moment cause me to get so big and hurt so bad?

Angela and flowers

Well, once I made the decision to do something about it, I started searching for the right method to carry it out. I had tried all kinds of diets before. Some worked for a while, and some didn't. But I was smart enough to know that if I lowered my calorie intake too much, my body would retaliate by going into survival mode and slow my metabolism down to a crawl. No thanks. I needed all the metabolism my hypothyroid condition could give me. So I decided this time I was going to focus on losing weight the healthiest way I could.

Angela in Black Shirt

started by simply eliminating those foods I knew were the worst for me.  The foods I craved most were restaurant foods. Most restaurants purposefully add chemicals to their food to make it taste better and make you want to eat more of it. These chemicals are neurotoxins that not only damage your brain, but throw your entire natural hunger control mechanism out of whack. Bottom line: they make you voraciously hungry. Sure enough, when I stopped eating at restaurants, I was no longer quite as hungry as I used to be.

Angela with salad

I made healthier food at home and naturally shifted towards a more vegetarian diet. I just felt cleaner inside. It wasn't but just a few weeks later that I went all the way to vegan. I added tofu to stir-fries and ate non-dairy cheese and lots of fruits and vegetables. As I continued researching healthy food options, I stumbled across the concept of “eating raw foods.” The more I read about the raw food diet, and other people's testimonials, the more excited I became! I could just feel that this was the answer for me! I was already heading in that direction, and it seemed the natural culmination to my search for the healthiest way to eat – and to lose weight!

Angela Orange Shirt

When I first experimented with the raw food weight loss diet, I had no problem eating lots of fruit in the morning and enjoying a nice salad for lunch. I didn't know what to have for dinner, though. I sure didn't want another salad. So I bought my first raw food recipes book. As I started playing with recipes, I realized this was really pretty easy to do. As different as this way of eating sounds to most people, actually living it is pretty do-able. Instead of using a cooked food recipe, I used a raw food recipe for dinner. Simple as that.  Bingo, I'm a raw foodist. As time went on, I tried lots of new raw foods and played with new kitchen gadgets. It was actually quite fun!

Angela Raw

Here's the good news: I was losing weight at the rate of at least 20 pounds a month and I felt fantastic! It's a good thing I know how to sew, because I was happily sewing up all my clothes and making them smaller. I couldn't wait to see what fit me next! Every time I would see friends or relatives they would remark on how much slimmer I looked! If I thought a cheeseburger felt good before, this felt waaaaaaaay better!

Angela and David

But here's the best news of all: I have the raw food weight loss diet to thank for finding my husband! Yep! I was researching raw foods online and discovered www.living-foods.com.  They had a personals section where you could meet other raw foodists. That's just what I needed! A raw food buddy I could talk to about my experiences and learn from. Well, I chose one personals ad to write to, and his name was David.


His ad did not have a picture, so our first date at Sweet Tomatoes was a blind date for both of us! I was just one month into eating raw foods, and he had been into it over a year. It wasn't but just a few dates later that I realized I had more in common with this one human being than all the people I had ever known in my life. It was destined to be!

Angela in Wedding Dress

We explored raw foods together and fell joyfully in love! I kept losing weight and feeling better about myself and one day I found myself spontaneously buying a wedding dress at a consignment shop – and we weren't even engaged yet! But you just KNOW when you know.

Angela and David

 The dress was smaller than I was, but by the time of our wedding, I had lost over 100 pounds and I fit into that dress weighing in at 153 pounds! Quite an accomplishment considering the 265 pounds I started from.

Angela in Italy

Needless to say, the raw food diet literally changed my life! In every way! The health benefits were amazing! I could move around again, all the pain in my body just completely vanished, I no longer needed thyroid medication, I could be active and ride a bike again! And I fell head over heels in love and lost over 100 pounds just in time for my wedding! My body was so fit that we were able to hike 8 hours a day all over Italy on our romantic honeymoon! It kind of sounds like a fairy tale dream come true, doesn't it? Ok by me! 

Angela and David

If baring my soul in these raw food diet testimonials and sharing everything I know about the raw food weight loss diet helps even one other person find his or her fairy tale dream coming true, then it has all been worth it!

Testimonial from: Angela - Sarasota, Florida

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