Raw Food DVDs are the ideal way to learn about the raw food diet, including starting a raw food diet, setting up a raw food kitchen, making easy raw food recipes, and so much more!

These DVDs bring raw food knowledge and step-by-step raw food preparation alive so you can see and hear exactly what to do and even follow along yourself! Plus, they are often so full of great information, that they become educational references you will want to watch again and again. 

I love watching DVDs from some of my favorite raw foodist leaders. I almost feel like I know them in person and they are talking right to me in my own home! The great information they share is often mind-expanding and I feel so informed after I watch them. Plus, they can be really entertaining, too!

Some of my favorite DVDs are about the personal stories of regular people like me and you who have beaten the odds and overcome serious weight or health challenges through following a raw food diet. These stories are sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes joyous, and always inspiring. Every time I watch them, I learn a great deal from their own personal testimonies, and come away more motivated than ever to follow this extraordinary raw food way of life!

Another great bonus to these raw food DVDs is that they are easy to share with other members of your family or your friends in order to help them understand better what you are doing and why. They will soon start to see all the health benefits of the raw food diet and how delicious the food looks and they just might become motivated themselves to join you on your health transformation journey! 

You can also get together with some of your raw food buddies or support system and watch some of these DVDs with them. Perhaps you can then make some raw food recipes together or share some great raw food meals or potlucks just for fun!

Enjoy exploring these fascinating windows into the raw food lifestyle! A whole new world awaits your discovery!

Click on the DVD image or title to learn more about it.

Raw Food Made Easy
Spiritual Nutrition for Yoga & Liberation with Gabriel Cousens, MD
Gabriel Cousens, MD: Rainbow-Green Live-Food Cuisine
Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
Raw For Life: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of the Raw Food Lifestyle
Super Size Me: 6 1/2 Year Anniversary Special Edition
Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw
Dr. Ann Wigmore's Living Foods Lifestyle - Filmed at the AWNH Institute in Puerto Rico
Transforming Your Life With Raw Food: Philip McCluskey
Living on Live Food
Raw Gourmet Dishes Simplified
Is Raw Food for You?
12 Steps to Raw Foods
The Raw Gourmet 3-DVD Set
Raw Survival with Viktoras Kulvinskas
Viktoras Kulvinskas at Palm Coast October 31st, 2009
dalene's Smart Raw Food Method
The Fast Way to Health
The Cause of Health
The Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine, Part 1, Skipping the Fat, Recipes Without Overt Fats
The Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine, Part 2, The Rest of the Cuisine
Raw Nirvana - Uncooked Food Recipes
Raw Nirvana Uncooked Food Recipes #3&4
Raw Nirvana Uncooked Food Recipes 5 & 6
Kwatamani Holistic Living DVD Series: Raw and Living Foods Preparation Class
The Raw and the Cooked
World's First Raw Organic Food "Cooking" TV Show
100% Raw Organic Cuisine In Ten Minutes with Bryan Au #2 DVD in the Series
Hungry for Change
Forks Over Knives
Food, Inc.
Raw Food 101
Essential Cuisine Chef Susan Teton 6 DVD Set NEW
Living Cuisine For Weight Loss: Philip McCluskey
Raw In A Rush
Ani's Raw Food Kitchen Show
Raw Yoga; Yoga for the Raw Food Lifestyle
Raw Vegan Cuisine with Juliano: Meat and Potatoes
Raw Vegan Cuisine with Juliano: Juliano's Wraps and Famous Parfaits
Raw Foods for Busy People The Video
Raw: The Living Food Diet
Healing in the Kitchen -4 Disc Set-Whole Raw Food Recipe DVD's
Raw Food For Real People
Beyond Raw: A Philosophy - 2 Disk Set
May I Be Frank
The UNcooking Show

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When you decide to go raw, consider journaling your experience. Changing your diet often brings up thoughts and emotions to explore and express. Journaling also gives you a place to keep track of new insights you learn along the way.


Check out the page on Self-Evaluation. Going through these simple thought-provoking exercises can be profoundly revealing and very therapeutic. It can also be motivating, as you discover powerful reasons to change your life.