Essential Equipment for Limitless Creativity in Making Easy Raw Food Recipes in Your Raw Food Kitchen

A raw foodist needs the right raw food equipment to let loose his or her best creativity in the raw food kitchen, just like a fine craftsman needs the right tools to create a masterpiece.

And creativity is important. Not only does it make being a raw foodist fun, but exploring recipes and discovering delicious raw food you love to eat also makes it easier to stick with a healthy raw food diet long term.

Like many raw foodists, we started out with just a few basics, and added on specific pieces of essential raw food equipment as time went on. Now we have an extremely well-equipped raw food kitchen and have great fun creating our own unique easy raw food recipes. Following is our personal list of must-have raw food equipment and tools in the order we feel is most important to acquire.

A really good quality knife. We love our super sharp Cutco knives. We tend to use the Petite Carver almost exclusively because of its versatility. It's big enough to get through a watermelon, and yet also makes quick work of apples and piles of lettuce. Every once in a while we'll get out the Petite Chef to dice up carrots, celery or even nuts because of its great rocking action. You'll be cutting up A LOT of food as a raw foodist, so the easier job you can make of it, the better. We also like that Cutco knives are guaranteed for LIFE!

A cutting board. Our favorites are the thin flexible cutting mats. They're anti-bacterial, easy to clean, easy to store, and best of all they bend to funnel chopped up food right into your bowl.

Glass storage containers. I know those plastic ones are cheap and you can use them forever, but we've just got to get those awful plastic chemicals out of our lives. With glass you never have to wonder what toxins may or may not be coming into your body. Save your liver. Buy glass.

Big glass bowl for soaking fruits and veggies. A glass punchbowl words great for this. We just keep this guy on the counter all the time filled daily with water and a few drops of pure lemon essential oil, which is antibacterial, antimicrobial, insecticidal, highly cleansing and non-toxic. We soak all our produce in this bowl to kill off any microorganisms. Then we rinse them well in the sink and dry greens in the salad spinner. 

Vegetable brush. It's good to get in the habit of cleaning all your produce well before it comes in contact with your cutting board or knife. We even scrub our watermelons, cantaloupes and pineapples, even though we cut off the rinds.

Vegetable peeler. Used daily in our house! Get a sharp one, a comfortable one, a good quality one.

Salad spinner. A simple piece of raw food equipment, but a necessary one. Especially if you make salads up ahead of time. Dry greens last longer in the fridge.

Green bags. The first thing we do when we get home from the organic farmer's market is put everything into green bags and squeeze the air out of them. Our produce stays fresh an incredibly long time. We seem to use the extra large sized ones most often. We wash and reuse ours over and over again.

Bag clips. We love the bag clips that look like big fat barrettes. Of course, you could actually use barrettes if you want to. Or clothes pins, twisty ties, or rubber bands for that matter. Whatever you can find to keep the air out of the green bags, but allow for quick and easy access.

Garlic press. Another item used almost daily to mince garlic. You'll discover that practically every other raw food recipe has minced garlic in it. Get one that's easy to clean, like this one.

Coffee grinder. And not for coffee. We use ours for grinding flax seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds and even nuts for sprinkling over salads or adding to soups and sauces. It's a fantastic way to add the powerful nutrition of these amazing foods in a way our bodies can get the most out of them.

Food processor. There's only so much you can do with just a knife. This would be my next highest raw food equipment priority. With a food processor you can graduate from just chopped up food to raw food pates, cheeses, soups and even ice cream made from frozen fruit like bananas. It may not blend things up as smoothly as a blender, but it does a fine job and is versatile enough to grate carrots and slice cucumbers as well.

High speed blender. It may be a rather high ticket item, but it's sooooooooo worth it! We use our 3 Horse Power KTEC high speed blender more than just about any other piece of raw food equipment in our kitchen (A Vitamix is only 2 Horse Power). It's whirring away at least two or three times every single day - and has worked perfectly at that rate for over ten years! It is absolutely indispensable for raw food smoothies, soups, dressings, smooth sauces, nut flours and nut milks. A regular blender couldn't ever handle what we can do with our KTEC. 

Nut-milk bags. Once you have a high-speed blender, then you can make nut-milk and use the nut-milk bags to separate the pulp from the milk. Then you can replace all the dairy milk in your life. Sesame milk, by the way, provides waaaaay more calcium than dairy milk, without all the hormones and antibiotics and other bad stuff. Throw in some frozen strawberries and you've got a delicious strawberry milkshake. Or chocolate, or vanilla, or mango... Mmmmmmm!

Sprouting jars. We use ours every single day as we always have sprouts growing. You can use any big jar with some cheesecloth tightly covering the opening. But the sprouting jars with the fine mesh lids on them are best if you make sprouts often.

Mandolin slicer. Makes perfectly even thin slices of food in seconds. Also makes matchstick, julienne or waffle cuts and more, depending on the model. Easier and much more fun than using a knife.

Spiralizer / Spirooli. This creative little piece of raw food equipment turns a zucchini or similar vegetable into perfect spaghetti-like noodles that are absolutely amazing! And spaghetti is one of those comfort foods that I just love and don't want to live without. By using the spiralizer, I can have a giant plate of noodles in about 1 minute. And by using different sauces, I can have something different for dinner every single night in practically no time flat.

Microplane. This is a super fine grater used to zest lemons and oranges, but I also use it to grate ginger and horseradish.

Citrus juicer. Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits. You can wear your elbows out twisting them by hand, or just get one of these babies and make your life so much easier! You'll come to find out that practically every other recipe calls for lemon juice, so take my word for it, it will come in handy.

Juicer. After intense research, I chose this Samson Juicer as the best one for raw foodists. It truly is 6 juicers in one. It juices fruits and vegetables perfectly, leaving a very dry pulp. It is one of the best juices for wheatgrass, and is low-temperature so it doesn't heat the juice. It also minces, chops, makes nut butters, and extrudes pasta of different sizes. And it has less parts and is easier to clean than other juicers. A raw food detox diet with fresh juices can be profoundly healing. However, I prefer a balance between juicing, blending and eating whole fruits and vegetables.

Dehydrator. Making dehydrated food is just plain fun. This is another top favorite piece of raw food equipment. I love having veggie burgers and meatloaf and little cookies fresh from the dehydrator. You can even make your own “sun-dried” tomatoes, banana chips and fruit roll-ups. I've discovered that if I make up a big batch of dehydrated veggie burgers, I can put them in the freezer and always have something available for dinner throughout the week.

Water Filtration System. Granted, it's not exactly a piece of raw food equipment, per se. But you just have to have pure water in your body to be healthy. Buying water in chemical-leaching plastic bottles is just not conducive to your highest health. In our opinion, adding a top of the line Whole House Water Filtration system is a must (our extensively researched best choice is from www.EZClearWater.com.) You not only want to drink the purest water possible, but use it to shower, brush your teeth and wash your face. We think our 99% chemical-free pure water is a vital necessity.

Extra fridge. Yes, we actually have two refrigerators. We received the second one free because someone was remodeling and was just giving away their old one. See? It doesn't always have to be expensive! Both refrigerators are filled to the brim most of the time. We tend to buy cases of bagged apples as well as 25 pound bags of organic carrots because they last so long. Plus it's a great place for gigantic watermelons. And when people offer free fruit from their trees, we can stuff boxes and boxes of oranges or grapefruit or starfruit in there. We also store all of our nuts and seeds in the freezers so they don't go rancid. We wouldn't want to live without our extra fridge now, even though it's just for the two of us!

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