In these raw food information books, you will have the opportunity to learn about specific aspects of the raw food diet in much greater detail. Some books explore the specific healing properties of raw foods. Others go into the science behind raw foods, such as the workings of live enzymes. Some debunk the myths about the raw food diet. And others come right out and blatantly gush about the many benefits to be experienced.

At whatever stage you are on your raw food path, even if you have just been curious and haven't started a raw food diet yet, it never hurts to become informed. I have to tell you, though, once you do become informed, it won't be long before you will want to experience these amazing benefits for yourself!

In fact, I found that the more I read about the raw food diet and lifestyle, the more excited and motivated I became. This new knowledge was a blessing in more ways than one: not only did it help me learn how to go about becoming a raw foodist, but it kept my interest and enthusiasm levels up so high that I was able to stick with my program long enough to experience an amazing transformation in my health and my weight. I wish you the best success as well!

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The Live Food Factor: The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit & Planet
Raw Foods on a Budget (Special Color Edition): The Ultimate Program and Workbook to Enjoying a Budget-Loving, Plant-Based Lifestyle
The Raw Foods Resource Guide
The Raw Truth, 2nd Edition: Recipes and Resources for the Living Foods Lifestyle
The Raw Food Lifestyle: The Philosophy and Nutrition Behind Raw and Live Foods
The Raw Food Diet Myth
Raw Food Controversies: How to Avoid Common Mistakes That May Sabotage Your Health
Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda: or, Sell Your Stove to the Junkman and Feel Great!
Nature's First Law: The Raw-Food Diet
The Raw Life : Becoming Natural In An Unnatural World
Diet by Design
Raw Foods: Your Questions Answered!
Gorilla Food: Living and Eating Organic, Vegan, and Raw
Live Foods, Live Bodies!
High Protein Vegan: Hearty Whole Food Meals, Raw Desserts and More
Sunfood Traveler: Guide to Raw Food Culture, Restaurants, Recipes, Nutrition, Sustainable Living, and the Restoration of Nature
The Raw Food Traveler (Volume 1)
How To Travel The World As A Vegan
The Raw Vegan Coach: Answering Your Questions on the Raw Food Diet
Alive!: Leading a Raw Food Lifestyle, Destined to Make You Soar
What Do Raw Fooders Eat?
Enzyme Nutrition
Enzymes: The Key to Health, Vol. 1 (The Fundamentals)
Food Combining & Digestion: 101 Ways to Improve Digestion
Food Combining: A Step-By-Step Guide (In a Nutshell, Nutrition Series)
Food Combining Made Easy
LifeFood Recipe Book: Living on Life Force
Secrets of an Alkaline Body: The New Science of Colloidal Biology
The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health: Restore Your Health by Creating pH Balance in Your Diet
Alkalize or Die: Superior Health Through Proper Alkaline-Acid Balance
Acid Alkaline Diet For Dummies
Apple Cider Vinegar Handbook: Nature's Remedy for Weight Loss, Allergies, Healthy Skin and Overall Health - Benefits, Uses, Recipes and Lots More!
The Coconut Oil Handbook: Nature's Remedy for Weightloss, Allergies, Healthy Skin and Overall Health - Benefits, Uses, Recipes and Lots More!
The Raw Truth About Milk
Greens Glorious Greens: More than 140 Ways to Prepare All Those Great-Tasting, Super-Healthy, Beautiful Leafy Greens
Wild About Greens: 125 Delectable Vegan Recipes for Kale, Collards, Arugula, Bok Choy, and other Leafy Veggies Everyone Loves
Wild Edibles: A Practical Guide to Foraging, with Easy Identification of 60 Edible Plants and 67 Recipes
Raw Survival: Living the Raw Lifestyle On and Off the Grid (The Complete Book of Raw Food Series)
A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants: Eastern and central North America (Peterson Field Guides)
Food Combining & Digestion: 101 Ways to Improve Digestion
Sprouts: The Miracle Food: The Complete Guide to Sprouting

So many raw food information books have fascinating angles to share about different aspects of the raw food diet. I hope this page has opened your eyes to the breadth and depth of what is available for you to explore. Remember, a mind, once expanded, can never go back to its previous state! 

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When you decide to go raw, consider journaling your experience. Changing your diet often brings up thoughts and emotions to explore and express. Journaling also gives you a place to keep track of new insights you learn along the way.


Check out the page on Self-Evaluation. Going through these simple thought-provoking exercises can be profoundly revealing and very therapeutic. It can also be motivating, as you discover powerful reasons to change your life.