Raw food nut butters of every kind are absolutely delicious! Break out of your old rut of just eating plain old peanut butter, and try something new - and much healthier, besides!

In fact, in our household, we no  longer eat any peanut butter whatsoever, and haven't for years. That's because we found out long ago that of all the nuts, peanuts were the least healthful, due to the imperceptible molds and aflatoxins they almost always have. Plus, many standard grocery store peanut butters are full of sugar, preservatives or other harmful chemicals we just don't want to ingest, and have been heated in processing, besides.

So we have branched out into all the other raw organic nut butters. For example, we often use Almond Butter in our salad dressing recipes. A delicious Asian Salad Dressing uses Almond Butter with some lemon, ginger, garlic and a touch of toasted sesame oil. Yum!

Tahini, or sesame seed nut butter, is a standard ingredient in garbanzo bean hummus recipes, along with a little lemon, sea salt and maybe some garlic. 

Almost any nut butter is also delicious mixed with a little honey and used as a dip for fruits or veggies. I've shared this recipe with you on my snacks page. Try it with apples or celery and carrot sticks when that mid-afternoon hunger kicks in.

You can even mix a nut butter with some cacao beans and make a chocolate-nut butter. Especially good with Hazelnut or sweet Pecan Nut Butter!

And for a really decadent treat, try a Cashew Nut Butter, or Macadamia Nut Butter or other gourmet raw food nut butters! Heavenly!

Nut Butters

Raw Organic Tahini - 16 oz nut butter from sesame seeds.

RAW ORGANIC ALMOND BUTTER 16 OZ nut butter from almonds.

Raw Organic Cashew Butter-16 ozs. nut butter from cashews.

Macadamia-Cashew Butter, Raw, Organic, 8 oz. nut butter from macadamia nuts and cashews.

Artisana Organic Raw Pecan Butter 8oz nut butter from pecans.

These are just some of our all time favorite standards that we always use. I'm sure you can find others interesting nut butters out in the marketplace. I've even tried some amazing gourmet nut butters that were mixed with cacao or cinnamon or dried fruit. Mmmm!

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