You may be completely new to the idea of Raw Food Seaweeds, often called sea vegetables, or you may have discovered them when you've had sushi wrapped in Nori, or other seaweeds in Asian soups or Asian salads. 

Seaweeds are such amazing superfoods, claiming sky-high healthy iodine and vitamin and mineral content, as well as many important trace elements often lacking in garden produce. They are also practically fat-free and low in calories. Those who include a lot of seaweeds in their diets, like the Japanese, tend to live long, healthy lives free of many of the diseases in western cultures.

Many seaweeds have a salty flavor to them. Some are more mild, and some can be quite fishy tasting. They may be an acquired taste for some, but once acquired, you might find you really enjoy them!

I happen to love just eating dried dulse ribbons fresh out of the bag in handfuls. I find it quite mild, nicely salty, and just the right chewy texture to make a great snack. It’s also great on salad, especially if you are having an Asian dressing.

For those who like tuna or crabcakes, powdered kelp seaweed is the secret ingredient added to a cashew pate that gives it that great seafood flavor when you are not actually eating seafood. Mix in some lemon, some finely diced celery and some sliced almonds, put it on a romaine lettuce leaf, roll it up, and you've got a great tuna salad sandwich wrap for lunch!

You can also get kelp already made into noodles! Raw Kelp Noodles make a great gluten-free noodle replacement for soups, pastas, fresh vegetable medleys over noodles and other fun creations.

Other seaweeds, such as slender strands of Arame, can have an almost sweet flavor to them and make great seaweed salads, especially when drizzled with a little toasted sesame oil and Nama Shoyu and mixed with some shredded carrots and green onions. Yum!

So give them a try. They truly are a fun new element to add to your diet. Enjoy exploring these powerfully nutritious foods!

Oh, and by the way, this is my FAVORITE book on seaweed! Tells you all about the health benefits of seaweed, how to use it, store it, and even make beauty treatments with it! Full of delicious recipes, too:  

Seaweed: Nature's Secret to Balancing Your Metabolism, Fighting Disease, and Revitalizing Body and Soul


Dulse 2 Ounces These are the dulse ribbons, large dried leaves of dulse. Great as a snack right out of the bag!

Dulse 2 Ounces These are the dulse flakes, dried dulse cut up into little flakes. Good to sprinkle onto salads or use in recipes.

Sushi Nori, Raw Untoasted (50 Sheets), Organic, 4.6 oz.

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Organic Kelp Wild Atlantic Kombu -- 2 oz

Raw Kelp Noodles-12 ozs.


Kombu - 2.1 oz - Strips

Alaria 2 Ounces



Go ahead - be brave and experiment with some of these interesting seaweeds. Search out some recipes in some gourmet raw food books and start to play with them. Your body will be so grateful for the amazing nutrition. And you might even decide you really like them, too!

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