Raw food soy sauces and other related soy-type products (like miso) are common staples in our household. Nama Shoyu, especially, is used almost daily in our raw food kitchen for some recipe or other.

I happen to really like Asian-inspired recipes, and those sauces and salad dressings typically contain some Nama Shoyu, a little lemon, garlic, ginger and maybe a little sesame oil.  Mmmmm! 

Soy sauce, Nama Shoyu or Miso can also be a more flavorful way to add a touch of saltiness to a recipe, without adding more sea salt. I often add Nama Shoyu or Bragg's Liquid Aminos when I make a hummus recipe, for example.

Nama Shoyu is also really delicious all on its own as a dipping sauce for Nori Rolls (Vegan sushi rolls, without the raw fish!). You can learn how to make those in some of the best gourmet raw food recipe books.

If you are following a gluten-free diet and want to avoid wheat, choose the Tamari or Bragg's Liquid Aminos, which are wheat-free, over the Nama Shoyu. They have a similar flavor.

Miso is more of a paste than a liquid, but is made of soy and is fermented, so it is full of beneficial organisms. Have you ever had miso soup? Adding a little miso to warm water makes a great broth that you can add green onions and mushrooms to and maybe even some nice mild seaweed, like Dulse. A touch of toasted sesame oil will give it that amazing Asian flavor!


Soy Sauces / Products 

Raw Organic Nama Shoyu-32 ozs. a non-pasteurized fermented soy sauce with whole wheat.

Tamari Soy Sauce, Wheat Free, Organic, 10 oz more soybeans, no wheat, stronger tasting soy sauce.

Bragg Liquid Amino - 32 oz - Liquid unheated, unfermented soy sauce, no wheat.

Eden Shiro Miso, Organic Rice & Soybean, 12.1-Ounce Packages (Pack of 3) a mellow flavored salty fermented rice and soy paste for soups, dressings, and pate.

Every single one of these soy products is a common staple in our raw food kitchen. And when you start exploring raw food recipe books, you'll probably notice how many recipes use Nama Shoyu or Miso. Now you know what they look at, how they differ, and even where to get them!

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