Some health experts support the use of raw food supplements, and some do not think they are necessary when you are eating a super clean, healthy, raw food diet full of an abundance of highly nutritious, organic raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. 

After all the research I've done, the hundreds of raw food health books I've read, and the cutting edge information I have sought out, I personally believe that some supplements can be very helpful. Especially at the beginning, when someone is first starting a raw food diet and transitioning away from less-than-healthy-foods. This is the time when the body is cleansing out old impacted food matter from the colon and releasing toxins from all over the body and healing internal organs and rebuilding stronger and healthier tissues.

After years of following a raw food diet, much of this internal cleansing, healing and rebuilding has been completed. When the body has been rejuvenated and comes to a nice state of healthy balance, perhaps then some of the supplements could be reduced.

But from my own personal perspective, I feel that the nutrition levels in our food supply are not what they once were, long ago. Neither is our air or water as clean as it once was. And no matter where you live on this planet, pollution is now prevalent.

So, for my own peace of mind, I like to protect my health with a few little extras here and there, added to my super healthy raw food diet, to increase my nutritional intake, boost my immune system, and give my body some extra healing support. The following products are some of the choices I have explored for my own health.

Raw Food Supplements

Dynamic Health Labs Organic Aloe Vera Juice with Micro Pulp, Unflavored, 32-Fluid Ounce Bottle
Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics Professional Formula - 60 Capsules
Angstrom Minerals, Iodine-2 ozs.

OmegaGize, my favorite choice for the purest, highly absorptive DHA-rich Omega 3 fatty acids supplement with Vitamin D-3 and CoQ10.

Pure Synergy Organic Super B Complex - 60 Tabs
Pure Synergy - 12.5 oz

Note: I am not a doctor or a nutritionist by any means, so the above products are simply ideas that I share with you because they are what I personally like. I am not making any health recommendations for anybody. It is up to you to get proper advice for your specific health needs and do your own research on the supplements that you may wish to add to your healthy diet.

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When you decide to go raw, consider journaling your experience. Changing your diet often brings up thoughts and emotions to explore and express. Journaling also gives you a place to keep track of new insights you learn along the way.


Check out the page on Self-Evaluation. Going through these simple thought-provoking exercises can be profoundly revealing and very therapeutic. It can also be motivating, as you discover powerful reasons to change your life.