Some of My Favorite Websites for Inspiration and Education About All things in the Raw Food World

My own raw food transformation journey began by exploring raw food websites. In fact, I don't think I was even familiar with the concept of raw foods until I learned about it on a website. But once that world was opened up for me, I could no longer deny that it made more sense to me than any other way of eating I had ever come across.

Through my own personal experiences, I can validate that the information I learned way back then has proven itself true after putting it all into actual practice in my life. Because of raw foods, I've watched my body completely change, I've healed painful and disturbing physical issues that bothered me for years, and best of ALL, I met my amazing raw foodist husband and have an incredibly blessed marriage! You can read about that romantic story on my testimonials page (YES! We actually met through a raw foods website - it was a MIRACLE of destiny!)

So if you feel like a sponge ready to soak up all the information you can find on raw foods, explore the following websites. They are educational, inspirational, and often entertaining, as well!

www.MyHealthyDiet.net - Healthy recipes, easy-to-follow tips and useful information. It also includes a chapter on raw food, with recipes

www.You-Are-What-You-Eat.com - Discover the health benefits of a Vegetarian Diet high in raw fruits and vegetables. Great blog and recipes with pictures

www.Living-Foods.com – Education about the power of living and raw foods

www.FredericPatenaude.com – Information on diet of raw food, healthy eating foods and raw vegan recipes for healthy living from Frederic Patenaude - has over 10 years of experience in the field of nutrition, health and personal development

www.TheBestofRawFood.com – Articles, recipes, research and information

www.RawFoodInfo.com – Rhio's educational site on raw food and energy

www.RawFoodLife.com – Discover the science of the raw food lifestyle

www.RawFoodPlanet.com – Worldwide raw food resource and travel guide

www.TheRawFoodSite.com – All about the Master Cleanse and raw foods

www.RawGourmet.com – Voted #1 for best raw vegan educator for 2008

www.RawFoodChef.com – The ultimate raw foods culinary school

www.RawGuru.com – Articles, blogs, products and equipment and more

www.TheRawFoodWorld.com – Raw books, appliances, foods and more

www.RawSpirit.com – World's leading raw vegan eco peace celebrations

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When you decide to go raw, consider journaling your experience. Changing your diet often brings up thoughts and emotions to explore and express. Journaling also gives you a place to keep track of new insights you learn along the way.


Check out the page on Self-Evaluation. Going through these simple thought-provoking exercises can be profoundly revealing and very therapeutic. It can also be motivating, as you discover powerful reasons to change your life.