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What's It About?

A delightful, fun-filled, short and easy to read bi-weekly compendium of cool tips and tricks, delicious easy raw food recipes, and great information all about the raw food diet.

The amount of information out there on raw foods, weight loss, non-toxic living, and healthy nutrition can be quite overwhelming! Especially when you are just starting on the healthy raw food path.

But with this newsletter, I can "spoon feed" you little bits at a time, so the learning curve won't be quite as intense, and you can actually have fun while learning more and more about this healthy lifestyle!

Not only that, but I will also give you lots of pointers on how to lose weight with raw foods! Hey, if I lost over 100 pounds on the raw food weight loss diet, you can successfully lose weight too! I can help!

Topics frequently covered in this ezine:

  • What a Great Idea!   Terrific tips and tricks for your raw food lifestyle.

  • Fun in the Kitchen!   Cool new ways you can play with your food! 

  • This Recipe Rawks!   Easy raw food recipes you are gonna love!

  • Didja Know?   Amazing information you may not have come across yet.

  • Ask Angela!   Want to know something specific about the raw food diet or lifestyle? Submit your question, and I may just feature the answer in an up and coming newsletter, or even on the Frequently Asked Questions page of this website!  Go to that page to submit your question.

You can subscribe to get the free ezine, Making Raw Fun!, full of all this amazing information, below! You will also receive my free ebook, Top 10 Raw Tips for Weight Loss!

Enjoy them both!

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When you decide to go raw, consider journaling your experience. Changing your diet often brings up thoughts and emotions to explore and express. Journaling also gives you a place to keep track of new insights you learn along the way.


Check out the page on Self-Evaluation. Going through these simple thought-provoking exercises can be profoundly revealing and very therapeutic. It can also be motivating, as you discover powerful reasons to change your life.